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Scrap Metal may be disposed of in the designated dumpster located on Main Street. This collection site is a fundraiser for the Nashua-Plainfield Athletic Booster Club.

203 Main Street


Landfill operations are available at Floyd-Mitchell-Chickasaw Landfill. The landfill is your source for disposal of hazardous materials, large items, remodeling waste, and electronics. If you choose to take your garbage or any bulky items or construction material directly to the landfill, please tarp all contents that are placed in an open pickup truck or open trailer to prevent loss of material. All vehicles must have secured loads that prevent any leakage, littering or run off of waste material or fluids. Tarps are to be used that are secured tightly to the load, water resistant and not torn. No exposed waste material should be visible. The landfill does not accept any yard waste, brush or trees. 

3354 330th Street

Elma, Iowa 50628

(641) 982-4288


The city provides a brush site to dispose of grass clippings, yard waste, leaves, and brush up to 6” diameter. There is mulch available for residents to remove and use. The brush site has seasonal 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. daily operating hours. The brush site is closed during the winter months, and may be closed on days of inclement weather to maintain travel paths within the site. All users of the brush site must comply with postings and place yard waste in the correct areas. No other solid waste is permitted to be dumped at the brush site.

The brush site is located at the South end of Main Street, along the drive East of Ford Street intersection.

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