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The following is a summary of operating procedures for city utility services.



The City of Nashua provides water and wastewater services for commercial and residential properties in Nashua, as well as residential curbside trash and recycling collection. Wastewater services are contracted through PeopleService; residential trash and recycling collection is contracted through Jendro Sanitation.


Rates for utility services are approved by the City Council. Utility rates are based on the price of contracted services, administration costs, as well as the cost of building, maintaining, running and improving our water and waste water treatment plants and systems, which are directly influenced by the need to meet increased state and federal regulations.


Section 1: Applications for Service

Applicants for service should submit an application for utility service, show proof of identification, and pay any applicable security deposit at City Hall. You may print the application here {‘Application for utility service and security deposit’ form} in advance to set up a new utility account. The City of Nashua shall supply service to the applicant in accordance with city codes and at a rate schedule as established by the City Council. Applications for service should be made at least 2 business days before the applicant takes possession of or lease begins on the property. For assistance, you may contact City Hall by phone at 641-435-4156, by email at, or in person at City Hall. 

In order for the application to be complete, the applicant must present a Valid Driver’s License at the time of application.


All billings, notice and other correspondence will be addressed to the primary account holder.  In the event an unpaid account is turned over for collection, the account will be turned over under the primary account holder’s name.


Customer Deposits

A $50.00 deposit is required for utility accounts created for every customer not the owner of the premises served. The deposit is intended to guarantee payment of bills for service. A person other than the customer may pay the deposit. The deposit is due at the time of application.


Interest on Deposits

No interest will be paid on deposits held.

Deposit Refunds

Upon termination of service, the deposit will be applied to final utility bill and the outstanding amount reimbursed to the account holder.

Unclaimed Deposits

Deposits remaining unclaimed after termination of service will be transferred to the State Treasurer in accordance with Chapter 556.11, Code of Iowa.

SECTION 2: Billing Information

Customers shall be billed on a monthly basis according to the appropriate rate schedule on the first day of the month. Your bill will include charges for water (based on use), wastewater (based on use), water meter rental ($1.00), curbside recycling ($3.22), and solid waste ($0.50), as well as a 7 percent sales tax on the water and, for commercial properties, sewer portions.


Billing Schedule

Bills will be mailed on the first day of each month. Bills are due on the 20th of the month. Late payment penalties of 5% are added on the 21st of each month to all outstanding past due balances.  On the 21st day of the month, past due notices are mailed to accounts with past due balances. The past due balance must be paid by the 27th of the month to avoid further action including additional fees and service disconnection.  Disconnect notices are hung on the 27th on all properties that have failed to pay the past due balance or enter into a payment agreement with the City. Disconnect notices require payment by noon (12:00 p.m.) on the 28th.  Accounts on the disconnect list with outstanding balances at noon (12:00 p.m.) on the 28th will have service disconnected for nonpayment. If the 28th falls on a weekend or a holiday, disconnect notices will be hung on Monday or the next working day after a holiday and disconnection occurring after noon (12:00 p.m.) the following date. There is a $20.00 fee for delivery of disconnect notices. There is a $20.00 water disconnect fee and a $20.00 reconnection fee for accounts which have service disconnected.


Billing Form

The following information will be included on the billing form:

  • The actual or estimated water meter readings at the beginning and end of the billing period;

  • The bill due date;

  • The current balance due; and,

  • The amount due including penalty if not paid before due date.


Minimum Bill

The minimum bill will apply to any billing period during which the service remains connected. The minimum monthly bill is $54.68 for residential accounts and $56.48 for commercial accounts, which applies to water usage at 350 cubic feet or less.


Bill Payment Terms

Billings are due on the 20th of each month and will be considered past due after the 20th of the month. A late payment charge of 5% of the unpaid balance will be assessed on all past due accounts on the 21st of each month. 


Bills may be paid by mail, by direct payment at City Hall, by depositing the payment in the designated receptacle at City Hall, or automatic ACH through a bank or credit union. You may submit this form {ACH authorization form} to City Hall if you would like to participate in automatic ACH payment.

Failure to receive a bill, late notice in the mail or a disconnect notice hung on the account holder’s address shall not entitle the customer relief from penalties for late payment.

Returned Checks and ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Rejects

A service charge of $30.00 shall be assessed to any customer whose check is returned unpaid by ACH payment, or check that was rejected by the bank on which it was drawn. The service charge shall be in addition to the late payment penalty if the ACH or check is not made good and the service fee not paid prior to the delinquent date of the bill.  If the account was in delinquent status at the time of receiving the payment, and the ACH or check was to avoid disruption of service, upon receiving the item back from the bank, the city will discontinue service without further notice.


Payment Agreement

A utility customer who is unable to pay the delinquent bill in full may be offered an opportunity to enter into a reasonable agreement to pay that bill. Approval of agreements may be determined by considering the size of the bill, the customer’s payment history, the amount of time and the reasons why the bill has been outstanding and any special circumstances creating extreme hardships within the household.  The agreement will require the customer to bring the account to a current status by paying specific amounts at scheduled times. All payments must be made in compliance with the agreement to avoid disconnection. If the payment arrangement is being made with a tenant in a rental property, the landlord should be notified of the arrangement unless the landlord has applied for lien exemption from delinquent water services.

Procedures for Discontinuance for Non-Payment

The bill plus applicable fees must be paid in full to avoid discontinuance of service, or to restore service after disconnection.

Water service to delinquent customers shall be discontinued in accordance with the following: (Code of Iowa, Sec. 384.84)

  1. Delinquent Notice. The Utility Clerk shall notify each delinquent customer that service will be discontinued if payment of the combined service account, including late payment charges, is not received by the date specified in the notice of delinquency. Such notice shall be sent by standard USPS mail or hand-delivered to the customer in whose name the delinquent charges were incurred and shall inform the customer of the nature of the delinquency.

  2. Notice to Landlords.  If the customer is a tenant, and if the owner or landlord of the property or premises has made a written request for notice, the notice of delinquency shall also be provided to the owner or landlord.

  3. Disconnect Notice. A door hanger disconnect notice will be provided the business day prior to service being disconnected. There is a $20 fee for this door hanger notice, which must be paid with any past due balance to avoid service discontinuance. 

  4. Disconnection. Service will be disconnected on all accounts with past due balances according to the Billing Schedule. A fee of $20.00 will be charged for service disconnect.

  5. Reconnection.  A reconnect fee of $20.00 shall be paid along with any outstanding balance before service is restored to a delinquent customer.


Avoiding Disconnection

A utility customer may avoid disconnection by paying his or her utility bill in full or entering into a formal payment arrangement with City Hall. Payment arrangements should be initiated no less than five business days before the disconnect date, see Payment Agreement information listed above.

In general, failure to comply with a payment arrangement will subject the customer to immediate disconnection.





Please coordinate any service needs with the Customer Service contact information listed below with the city’s wastewater contractor Peopleservice.


Please provide a minimum notice of two business days for scheduling a service call. Service calls are only available during normal working hours, 7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday unless approved by the Water Superintendent. Service personnel will not be dispatched after hours, with the exception of situations deemed to be emergencies by the Water Superintendent.


Water Service Temporary Disconnects & Reconnects

The City may, upon reasonable notice by a customer, make temporary disconnects for the customer’s convenience.  A property owner may request water service be temporarily discontinued and shut off at the curb valve when the property is expected to be vacant for an extended period of time. There will be a $20.00 fee for shutting the water off at the curb valve. During a period when service is temporarily discontinued as provided herein, there shall be no minimum service charge. The City will not drain pipes or pull meters for temporary vacancies.  Only the City may reconnect the water service. There is a $20.00 reconnect fee to turn service back on at an address. Customers should provide a minimum notice time to the City of two business days for disconnect and reconnect service requests. 

Water Service Permanent Disconnections

A customer requesting approval for permanent disconnection shall provide a minimum notice time to the City of two business days. All work must be complete according to City Code and Water Superintendent directives.


SECTION 4: Customer Service

The staff at City Hall are available for routine utility business inquiries Monday to Friday 7:30 am. – 4:00 p.m. at (641) 435-4156 or

Water Emergency calls can be made to: City Hall   641-435-4156    7:30a – 4:00p M-F

                                                            Sheriff’s office 641-394-3121   After hours and Holidays

Wastewater Emergency calls can be made to: 319-404-0344    Available 24/7


Trash and Recycling inquiries can be made to: Jendro Sanitation    (800) 232-3525  7:00a-4:00p M-Th

                                                                                                                                                                             7:00a – 2:00p F                         


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